How To Find Headache Cures

25 million Americans suffer from headaches, especially migraines yet many do not get the headache cure they seek. The problem is that most people never get diagnosed by a good neurologist or headache specialist to find out what type of headaches they are having. Without knowing the type of headache you have you cannot find a headache remedy that will work.
A good neurologist will have you go for specific tests to find out the cause of your headaches. A few of the tests are a cat scan and an MRI. These tests will show if you have any problems, floaters in your brain or clogged arteries. They will also give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have a stroke when the pain begins.
Some people suffer from fatigue headache which is often felt as eye pain. Many will go to an eye doctor for relief but stress relief is one of the best headache cures out there. The less you sleep, the greater the chances of having fatigue headaches.
A good headache remedy is adding specific vitamins to your diet such as CoQ10, B2 and magnesium. Many people suffer headaches because they don’t drink enough water. Adding more water to your diet can be a simple headache remedy for many headache sufferers.
There are also many different types of migraine headaches: vascular, cluster, hormonal and newly diagnosed hemicrania. Knowing the type of headache you have helps in curing headaches. Medication will work provided you take it as the onset of a headache instead of waiting for it to become severe.
Keep a headache journal. Look for headache triggers such as food, stress, the weather or lack of sleep. This journal will be invaluable to your physician. Make sure you aren’t having an allergic reaction to something in your home which could be anything from new carpeting to dust mites. Remember that the best person to heal you is yourself and take responsibility to research good doctors on your own. You can achieve a headache free life, so get started today and cure headaches forever.

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